Frequently Asked Questions

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The Grand View bookstore, located in the Kent Henning Student center, is owned and operated by Grand View University and dollars spent here support Grand View students, faculty and staff.

Please find answers to your questions about the bookstore below. We hope these FAQs will answer many of the common questions you may have.

Q: When are my rental books due?
A: Books rented for any term are due back in the Bookstore by 4:00pm, Friday, during Finals week of that same term.  If your class meets past the Friday of Finals week for the term of your rental, please contact the Bookstore prior to that date to make appropriate arrangements.  Click here to be directed to the academic calendar or class schedules.

Q: How much do books cost per semester?
A: The cost of books depends on how many courses you take for the semester, which courses you take, and on whether you buy new books or used books, rent books, or purchase books from various non-campus outlets. 

Q: Can I charge my books to my student account?
A: All students are allowed to charge books & school supplies to their student accounts from two weeks before the first day of class through Friday of the first week of class at noon, both on-line and in the store.

Q: Where is the bookstore located?
A: The bookstore is located in the Student Center, next to the Viking Theatre.

Q: What types of payments does the bookstore accept?

A: We accept cash, personal checks, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, and GV Bookstore Gift Cards and at certain times, their student account *see question above regarding student account charging*.

Q: Does the bookstore sell gift certificates?
A: Yes. You may purchase gift cards from any amount up to $500.

Q: When are book buybacks held?
A: Buybacks are held during finals week of fall and spring semesters. Additional buybacks are scheduled throughout the year and will be announced.

Q: What products does the bookstore offer?
A: The Bookstore offers all required textbooks, Grand View clothing and gifts, school and office supplies, art supplies, computer software and accessories, greeting cards, snacks, nursing supplies, and reference books.

Q: Does the Grand View bookstore rent textbooks?
A: Yes, the bookstore rents a number of textbook titles each semester. When you search for your course material, it will indicate what titles have a rent option and the rental price. Rentals are generally due back by the end of the semester.

Q: Does the bookstore offer eTextbooks?
A: Yes. eTextbooks are available for purchase and/or rent both on our website and in the store.