Book Buyback Policy

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The Grand View bookstore, located in the Kent Henning Student center, is owned and operated by Grand View University and dollars spent here support Grand View students, faculty and staff.

At the end of the fall and spring semesters the bookstore offers students the opportunity to sell their books back to the bookstore or to a wholesaler for cash. Fall and spring term buybacks are usually held Monday- Thursday during finals week. Specific times and dates will be announced before each buy.

Throughout the year there are several other buybacks where students can sell their books. These are typically at the beginning or middle of terms and are buys done at the Bookstore but for a wholesaler only. Specific times and dates will be announced before each buy.

If you ever cannot make it to one of our in-person buybacks, feel free to use the on-line buyback option through one of our wholesalers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much will I get back for my books?
A: If the book is being purchased by the Grand View Bookstore the student can get up to 50% of the purchase price of the book. If the bookstore does not need the book for an upcoming course then the wholesaler will buy it for the wholesale price if it is a current edition.

Q: What determines if the bookstore will buy my book back?
The Grand View Bookstore will buy your book back if: 

  • The bookstore received an order for the same edition of book from the instructor before the book buyback begins. Whether a book is being used the next semester is up to the instructors and/or departments. The bookstore will only buy books that the instructors order for their courses.
  • The Bookstore is not overstocked on the title and is still in need of copies for the next semester. 

Q: What determins the value of my textbook?
A: If the book is being used for the next semester at Grand View and the Bookstore still needs copies, you can get up to 50% of the purchase price back. If the Bookstore does not need your book then the wholesaler will buy it for current market value.

Q: Why am I only getting a few dollars back for a book that I paid $100 for?
A: There are several possible answers:

  • The book may be an old edition that has little national resale value.
  • The book is no longer being used at Grand View and is being purchased by the wholesaler instead of the bookstore.
  • The book may be damaged or have excessive markings inside.

Q: My friend sold her book yesterday and got $50. Why am I only getting $20 today?
A: The Bookstore will only buy a certain number of copies of a book, based on the estimated sales for the upcoming term. After the Bookstore has purchased all the copies needed, the wholesaler may begin buying the book at current market value. Students are encouraged to sell their books as soon as they are finished using them for finals.

Q: What is a wholesaler?
A: Book wholesalers are companies who buy textbooks and then resell them to college bookstores. Wholesalers typically pay anywhere between 0-30% of the new price when they buy books.

Q: What is a wholesale only book buyback?
A: Wholesale only buybacks are buys when the bookstore is not purchasing books. The wholesaler is purchasing books for their use only. These buys usually take place at the beginning or middle of the semester when the Bookstore does not need additional stock. These buys will be advertised ahead of time.

Q: What should I do if no money is given for any of my books?
A: If no money is being given for your books, you're welcome to hold on to them and try to sell them at the next main buyback.  Sometimes books you bought in one term (e.g. the Spring Semester) won't be used again until the following spring, so the Bookstore wouldn't be looking to buy those until the Fall Buyback.  If no money has been offered during two consecutive buybacks (e.g. during the fall buyback and then during the spring buyback), it's most likely that the book is no longer being used in most places so it'd be considered a "dead" book.  There's a "Donated Book" box available during each book buyback that students are welcome to leave any unwanted books in.